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What do Armistice and Vacation do?

It costs diamonds to change your status to Armistice. The longer you wish to be at Armistice status (at least 2 hours), the more diamonds it will cost. There will be cool down period after an Armistice and the duration depends on how long you were in Armistice status. The cool down period will not be longer than 6 hours. Other players cannot dispatch any troop to attack your cities after you set your status to Armistice. You cannot attack other’s cities, either. Changing your status to Armistice won’t stop troops already on their way.

Depending on the duration, Vacation costs various diamonds, and the vacation has to last 48 hours at least. All your game processes will be halted. Any ongoing operation must be finished or canceled, and all troops outside have to be called back before you start a vacation. You won’t be attacked during the vacation. It doesn’t affect the troops on the way.