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City Defence Tactics (All servers )

Brief introduction: There are two kinds of City Defence Tactics. They are Anti-Seizing Tactic and Anti-Plundering Tactic. Anti-Seizing Tactic will work when city is under enemy’s seizing. Anti-Plundering Tactic will work when city is under enemy’s plunder. Different city defence tactics will have a different defence battle effect. City Defence Tactics are used for defending city from seizing or plundering. After you successfully allocated your defence troops, your city troops will automatically defend your city according to the premade troops information.
How to set up:
Process: Click on General Headquarter → Choose ”Defender Info” tab → Click on “Tactic” button → Then find out “Anti-Seizing Tactic” tab and “Anti-Plundering Tactic” tab → And click on “Default” button and “Deploy” button to set up your defence troops information
Defender Info Page: Shows city mayor and all troops information in current city (as shown in figure 1).

Tactics Page:
1) Tactics Page shows each troop’s current total amount and corresponding troops amount of participating in Anti-Seizing Tactic or Anti-Plundering Tactic (as shown in figure 2);

2) If current city never set up any defence tactics, troops will defend against the enemy according to the “Default” plan;
3) Click on the “Default” button in the Tactics page, system will automatically allocate troops information according to “Default” plan for Anti-Seizing Tactic or Anti-Plundering Tactic;
4) After choosing “Default” plan, system will evenly distribute your troops according to the maximum amount of allowed dispatching troops, total troops amount and troop’s kinds in your current city;
5) Troops’ order in “Default” plan: Infantry, Motorized Unit, AV, L Tank, H Tank, SPG, Rocket, Fighter Plane, Bomber, Destroyer, Submarine, Battleship, Carrier, SF, Ultra-SAM, Ultra-SSM, Ultra-Bomber, Ultra-Fighter;
6) After clicking on the “Set” button, will go into a new page where could allocate the troops amount and troops type;
7) When city is under a seizing battle, all the defensive force (Bunker, Howitzer,etc.) in current city will participate in the battle beside the allocated troops. (Defensive force will not be counted into the maximum amount of defence troops)
Deploy Page
1)Shows maximum amount of defence troops for Anti-Seizing Tactic and Anti-Plundering Tactic in the Set page. (as shown in figure 3)

2)Maximum amount of defence troops are affected by General Headquarter Level, Mayor’s Military points, Knowledge points, Techniques Level, Defence Master, etc.(as shown in figure 4)

3)After setting your troops information, save your plan.
4)After saving your defence tactics troops plan, there will be a “cooling-off period”. During that period, cannot set up other defence tactics.
5)Cooling-off period lasts 5 minutes. Cooling-off period are independence each other between Anti-Seizing Tactic and Anti-Plundering Tactic.(as shown in figure 5)

6)If you click “Default” button during the cooling-off period, your “Tactics” setting will be changed to the default plan, but the cooling-off clock will not stop.
7)After finishing the “Tactics” setting, troops will fight with attacker according to the preset defence plan when city is under a seizing battle or plundering battle.
8)If there is no “Tactics” setting before a battle, troops will fight with the attacker according “Default” plan.
Rules of the minimum dispatching troops amount setting
1) At least30% of city’s maximum dispatching troops amount is needed to save the defence tactic setting.
2) If city’s total troops amount is more than the minimum dispatching troops amount but your tactic setting troops amount is less than he minimum dispatching troops amount, system cannot successfully save your defence tactic setting.
3) If city’s total troop’s amount is less than the minimum dispatching troops amount, troops will fight with the attacker according to “Default” plan.
4) Minimum dispatching troop’s amount will not affect the “Default” plan setting.
How to beef up troops for your defence tactics?
 1) After a defensive battle, if you get many troops damage and still have same kind troops like previous defence tactics setting in current city, system will beef up your defence tactics troops automatically according to your defence tactic setting. (If your idle troops are not enough for meeting setting troop’s amount, system will beef up the maximum amount of your idle troops.)
2) After a defensive battle, if you get many troops damage but have no same kind troops like previous defence tactics setting in current city, troops will fight with attacker according to the current remainder troop’s amount in your defence tactics setting.
3) If city troops are totally used for setting up defence tactics and are not totally damaged after successfully defeating the attacker, remainder troops will return back to city. Remainder troops still show on the defence tactics setting page and are waiting for fight with another attacker. Remainder troops will not show on the defence tactics setting page until all troops was killed.
About garrison troops:
1) If have garrison troops in city, garrison troops will not be affected by the maximum dispatching troops amount in “Tactics” page;
2) Alliance garrison troops will fight together with defence tactics setting troops for protecting current city.
3) If there are many garrison troops in defender’s city, at most one garrison troop could attend the defensive battle.
4) Garrison troops who arrived current city first could have a priority to attend the defensive battle.
5) Only when all the first arrived garrison troops was killed, repatriated or recalled back, could the second arrived garrison troops fight with the enemy in follow-up defensive battles.
e.g., city Z have 2000 bombers in defence tactics setting, besides this, there are also have 3 garrison troops in city Z. According the arrived time, they are Garrison troops A, Garrison troops B and Garrison troops C. Each garrison troops has 1000 rockets. When city Z is under plundering or seizing battle, 2000 bombers and Garrison troops A will attend the defensive battle (If that is a seizing battle, also defence troops (bunkers, Howitzer,etc.) in current city will attend the defensive battle). If Garrison troops A is not totally killed in the first round defensive battle, it will be Garrison troops A that who attend the second round defensive battle. Only when all Garrison troops A was killed or recalled back, could Garrison troops B attend the defensive battle.
Special Cases:
1) When city mayor changed (appointed, replaced or fired), you need to reset your city defence tactics details. If not reset the defence tactics details, troops will fight with enemies according to “Default” plan when city being under a seizing or plundering battle. ( Upgrading mayor’s level or equipping/ un-equipping equipment will not affect defence tactics setting. ) (as shown in figure 6)

2) When General Headquarter level, Techniques changed, system will continue to use the previous defence tactics setting until you reset it.
3) After a new city founded and there is no General Headquarter in city, if you city is attacked, system will set defence tactics and dispatch troops according to “Default” plan for level 1 General Headquarter for defending city.
4) After successfully setting up your city defence tactics, if General Headquarter is removed when city having a seizing/plundering battle, troops will fight with enemies according to the previous setting. If there is no city defence tactics setting, system will dispatch troops according to “Default” plan.
5) If defence tactics setting troops are dispatched to transport or donated to alliance capital, the real defence troops amount will less than the defence tactics setting troops amount. Only the current troops in city will attend the defensive battle.
6) After city colonized or redeemed, you need to reset your defence tactics information. If you are not reset it, system will dispatch troops according to “default” plan when you get an attack.
Defence Master
1) Defence Master is an item. After used it, could increase all commander city’s maximum dispatching troop’s limit.
2) You could purchase Defence Master by checking the “Gaining” button in the Military part, Map part and Resource part.
3) After the Defence Master effect disappeared, you need to reset defence tactics information. If you not reset it, your troops will attend the defensive battle according to “Default” plan.
1) Can not successfully change your city defence tactics information (including default setting), if your city status is in “battle” status.
2) Only city could set up “city defence tactics” information. NPCs and fields (including Ultra-energy mines) could not set up city defence tactics. Also rules for attacking NPCs and fields are not changed.
3) Preset plan changes according to city maximum dispatching troops limit. If the factors which could affect the city maximum dispatching troops limit are changed, also the “Default” plan will change.
4) All content of this event has nothing to do with Apple Company.