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[New Function- Alliance Technology Unlocked]

 [New Function- Alliance Technology Unlocked]
Upgrade the alliance Technology and all alliance members can be benefitted from it.
What is Alliance Technology? How to upgrade it and how would it benefit me?
 [The Alliance Research Center]
a) Get into alliance capital, click Alliance Research Center building to enter the Alliance Research Center.
b) The Alliance Research Center is used to display and upgrade the alliance technology. All members can be benefited by the alliance technology bonus.
c) A progress bar will be provided to indicate the progress of Alliance Technology, in yellow font.
d) Members’ contribution of ultra-energy for upgrading Alliance technology will be recorded as personal contribution points which can be viewed in the bottom left interface.
[Alliance Technology]
a) All members of the Alliance are free to choose which technology to upgrade. Technology will upgrade once the ultra-energy is adequate.
b) Every 1 point of ultra-energy contribution will accelerate 1 unit of the technology progress.
c) The excess amount of upgrading technology will automatically be used for next upgrading. When the technology has already upgraded to the highest, the excess amount will be returned to alliance members.
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