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WWII HERO and Military Fortess


【Military Fortess 】
It will be opened periodically in our future events, and player can enter it from “Military” and “Production” areas. 
1. There are three main parts: Boxes, WW2 HERO display, Treasure display.
2. Boxes: Each part has 9 boxes and player could open them to get corresponding items.
3. WW2 HERO display: To view the detailed info. of Ww2 Hero generates from one of the nine boxes, including level, name, and Military/Politics/Knowledge.
4. Treasure display: Displays the item you got from current box and the “Diamonds amount” required when you open the next box.
Note: Each lottery will generate only one hero, there are three heroes in total.
1.  Boxes are divided into three levels: Browse simply, Read carefully and Search attentively.
2. There are nine boxes in each level. When opening each box, you will surely get one corresponding item.
3. Corresponding items can be viewed in your Stockpile.
4. Each box can’t be opened more than one time.
5. Opening different “locked” box will cost different number of diamonds. There will be message pops up after you clicking on each box.
6. Only if you have opened all current level of boxes can you unlock the next.(e.g. you are allowed to open the  Read carefully  after all the boxes of  Browse simply  are unlocked)
7. All opened boxes remain “locked”, player can check what you have gained in each level.
8. You will have a chance to get one“ hero recruitment order” in each level. 
9. Opening all boxes of current level, you will receive all the items, including hero recruitment order.(e.g.  you will be receiving 24 items and 3 hero recruitment orders after opening all the 27 boxes) 
[WW2 Hero]
1. There is one “ hero recruitment order” placed in each level.
2. Hero can be found in the “Staff headquarters” of current city ,after using matching hero recruitment order.
3. Make sure you have spare space for WW2 heroes before using recruitment order, or else you will fail to recruit,
1. Heroes, just as normal officers, WW2 hero can dispatch, ransack, and join the battle, be a mayor and so on. 
2. All skills and equipments for normal officers are also fit with them with no special additional effect. 
3. Heroes are born level 120 and 5 stars with high attributes, but can not reallocate attribute points.
4. ALL HEROES have two additional Equipment Slots for special items.
5. Heroes , as normal officers ,can be adjusted by Intensifying(increases politics/military/knowledge 25% for 24h).
1. Heroes cannot be captured by other players and his loyalty will be always 100.
2. Heroes can be fired and recycle by system.(Heroes will be unloaded the equipments before recycling)
3. Heroes can’t be donated to Alliance Capital.
4. When redeeming a city, if you also want to get Heroes back, you will have to spend 5000 diamonds each.
5.Heroes are not transferable.