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Contribute Game Slogan and win awesome game codes

Dear War 2 Victory fans:
Show off your talent and creativity! We are now collecting ideas of slogan and great prizes are offered for the winners!

Mar. 10 to Mar. 16 1:00 

Please take the following steps:
1.Visit the fan site of War 2 Victory
2.Click ‘Like’ on the top of the page
3.Click ‘Events’ on the left of the page, then reply your slogan in the ‘Contribute Game Slogan and win awesome game codes’ event.
The War 2 Victory fans group:

1.No improper wording or implication
2.Must be original and suits the game well
3.The list of Top 10 slogan will be announced on Mar. 18

Author of the top 10 slogan will be awarded a game code which can be used to redeem diamonds, fancy equipment or various chests.

The codes will be sent to the winners via email on Mar. 18, and the codes can be used after the server is launched.

War 2 Victory official reserves the ultimate right of interpretation.
CS email: