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While managing your city interior is the foundation of development, you still need to wage war to expand your empire. You can launch attacks on fields, NPC cities or player cities and there are 3 types of aggressive actions:

You can send scout planes to acquire intelligence of your target so you can know your enemies forces before actually engaged with them

- Plunder
Plundering your targets will allow you to get a portion of their resources stock, the amount depends on your loading capacity. That is, if you manage to defeat their defending troops.

- Seize
Seizing is a type of attack to take control of your target. Player could launch seize attacks on fields and cities of other players

City seizing:
When you defeat the garrison of target city, you’ll get resources and gold from that city while decreasing its morale. If the attack drops the morale to 0, the city will be occupied and frozen. The former owner has 48 hours to redeem the city at a cost of gold or diamond. If he doesn’t, the city will be yours.

Field seizing:
When you defeat the target field, it will become your territory and provide a resource production boost, while allowing you to ransack it for more recourse and jewelries. Fields of different type and lvl yields different resource/jewelries. You can click on the field to view details.