War2 Victory

Best Events Ever: Fight for the ultimate glory- Name your server

Dear Commanders,

Have you ever thought about that War2Victory, A game with more than 4 million registered users, will name the server after you and your alliances? Thus grant you the ultimate glory that nothing else can compete with?

You may not believe when I am telling you this, but my dear buddy, I am not kidding and this is for real. War2Victory, we are giving you our best offer ever to the military series-events winner!

Let me make this clearer to all because this is really HUGE!
-Your server is dominated by you and named after you. Yes, this is your server!
-Everybody in your server will see and be reminded who is the big boss.
-Millions of War2Victory players will worship your glory at the gate of server-list.
-You make yourself a historic legend in War2Victory!

How to challenge this ultimate glory?
-Participate in our Military-style Events & Rehabilitation-style events!
Events Briefings:
Military-style Events: King of the Hill (main military-style event) circles every 2 weeks and continues 1 week thus gives you guys multiple chances to challenge. The name of the winner and the alliance will be on the server throughout the 1 whole round which is 2-weeks’ time. If a player wins the event 3 times in a roll and the server name will completely re-name by you.
-Player GM01(Alliance wistone) in S7 Guadalcanal wins once the KOTH, after the event ends the server name will be changed to S7 Guadalcanal- Dominated by GM01 and Wistone. (GM01 & its alliance will be on the server throughout the round of events which is 2 weeks)
-Player GM01(Alliance wistone) in S7 Guadalcanal wins 3 times in a roll in the KOTH, after the 3rd round ends totally the server will be renamed as S7 GM01 von wistone.
Along with the KOTH, another military-style event: Wrecking Ball is just as exciting as KOTH.
-Rewards: Right to add your Char. & Alliance name to the server + Precious equipments: Legendary Heroism Chest / Epic Lieutenant Chest/ Epic Sergeant Chest + Huge Diamond pack
Click here for details of Military-style events

Rehabilitation-style events: At the interval week of military-style events-KOTH & WB, we have also a rehabilitation-style week when the events include much building and construction competition. The first week event is Metropolis, be sure to participate because you will find the winning reward super important to your next round of Military style events and I am not bluffing!
-Reward will include massive food, oil and troops (to help you prepare for next round of military events.
Click here for details of Rehabilitation-style events

Hope you enjoy!

War2Victory Team

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